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Product Details

Flawless Hydrating Cleanser is a luscious gentle cleanser with ingredients derived from beets and coconut. It gently and effectively washes away makeup, oils and impurities without stripping your skins natural moisture, leaving your skin feeling supple, radiant and fresh.

This dual action cleanser not only cleans, it also moisturizes your skin like nothing else. It leaves your skin healthy and soft.

Bottle is 80 ml / 2.7 US fl. oz.

**Plus one free Flawless brochure
Since the launch of the Flawless skin care line I have been a dedicated user. I love the way my skin feels after I wash it with this cleanser. It feels clean and refreshed. The light scent is extremely pleasant and it has no feeling of a residue on my skin. Even before I moisturize, my skin feels silky and clean. I recommend this cleanser and Revive 5D daily moisturizer as a must for improving the vitality of your skin.
Personally I use all 5 products and people have commented on the extreme improvement in my skin in just 2 months. I recommend this skin care to everyone who wants to improve the quality of your skin from skin vitality and texture to anti-aging benefits of diminished fine lines.
Love this product A LOT! However, I have had 2 tubes/pumps where the top comes off (under the lid/top). Still works, but I have to keep it on it’s side as the lid will not fit after the top around the pump comes off. GWT needs to work on the re-design of this packaging. Since this has happened twice to me, I cannot sell this until it’s fixed. The product however is amazing!
I just love this product! My skin feels so clean and fresh after using the Cleanser (just 1-2 pumps).
I just love this product! My skin feels so clean and fresh after using the Cleanser (just 1-2 pumps).
Amazing cleanser! Highly recommended!

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How to use:

1. Wet face and neck with warm water.
2. Dispense 2-3 pumps of FERI Flawless Dual Action Hydrating Cleanser into your wet hands.
3. Massage over face and neck to gently cleanse.
4. Rinse and pat dry.