FERI Flawless - Revive 5 Day Moisturizer


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Product Details

Our Flawless Day Moisturizer is a rich daily cream that provides a hydrating effect without a greasy feeling. It provides noticeable firming and smoothing to the skin and restores volume to provide a replumping effect to the face. It leaves your skin feeling soft all day and with long term use, will fight signs of aging.

Gorgeous signature scent and amazing rich cream.

Bottle is 30 ml / 1 US fl. oz.

**Plus one free Flawless brochure
As a user of all the Flawless products, I personally love the Day Moisturizer. The reason I love it is because not only does it moisturize and improve my skin vitality, It doesn’t feel heavy and thick on my skin. I have never liked using moisturizers because of that feeling and this product leaves my skin feeling healthy and silky. It has a light clean pretty frangrance and I find that my skin has a fresh glow about it. In addition to improving the quality of my skin along with its anti-aging benefits, I find I use less foundation or none at all when applying my make-up.
Love love love how my face feels even hours later
I love this day cream!
I love this day cream . Even in a harsh winter time my face still stay moisturize the whole day. I think I’m going to order a second one

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How to use:

1. After cleansing with FERI Flawless Dual Action Hydrating Cleanser, dispense 1-2 pumps of FERI Flawless 5D Day Moisturizer onto the fingertips.
2. Gently apply to skin on the face and smooth onto the surface of the skin.
3. Allow product to absorb fully before applying makeup.