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Product Details

Flawless Rejuvenating Night Serum has a smooth and silky texture and contains a powerful natural antioxidant to protect your skin from atmospheric pollutants. It helps to build elasticity in supporting tissues to reduce the appearance of fine lines while you sleep. The exclusive Microsilver formulation prepares your skin to maximize the benefits of anti-aging ingredients.

Microsilver kills bacteria on your skin to promote healthy skin and increase effectiveness of the anti-aging ingredients inside.

Bottle is 30 ml / 1 US fl. oz.

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LOVE IT it is a great product!
I have been using all 5 Flawless products since we launched in March. My experience with the Night Serum was interesting. The first few nights I slept with it on my skin, I found in the morning that it had somewhat of a exfoliating effect. That has since gone away and I attribute it to the fact that my skin was adjusting favourably to the regiment. I had become more disciplined in taking care of my skin and it was adjusting to the new product line. The improvement to my skin over the course of the last few months have been impressive to say the least. I believe that the Quad night Serum has been extremely important to the anti-aging improvements to my wrinkles and fine lines, my skin appears to be much healthier, vibrant and younger. I truly love this product line and highly recommend it to everyone.
Sonia S. Australia
Absolutely LOVE this product. I’ve have been telling my husband to see a skin specialist about his sun spots on his left hand for over 6 months now. I tried the Quad AG Night Serum on them for 4 days and I was absolutely amazed with the results. Not only did they shrink in size but they also started disappearing. He has been using it everyday now for the past 2 and 1/2 weeks and cannot wait to share the before, during and after pictures.
Best night cream I’ve ever used!

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How to use:

1. Before bed, after cleansing with FERI Flawless Dual Action Hydrating Cleanser, dispense 1-2 pumps of FERI Flawless Quad AG Night Serum onto the fingertips.
2. Gently apply to skin on the face and smooth onto the dried areas of the face and neck.