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Twelve Bottles Plus One FREE Bottle

Fountain of Life captures the power of the Picea Abies extract from the Norwegian Spruce growing in Northern Finland. Thriving under the harshest of conditions, this tree has adapted to the extreme environment in which it lives. Researchers discovered that this tree contains the most powerful source of lignans in nature. Lignans are antioxidants found in the cell walls of plants.

As free radicals from the environment have a long-term impact on our body, it is important to eat a balanced diet augmented with lignan supplements to replace these nutrients that may be lost through processing or development.

With over 70% of the earth’s population ingesting wheat, the once lignan-rich varieties such as emmers, einkorn and spelt have been replaced with dwarf wheat that is high in yield but lower in nutritional value.

Milling dwarf wheat further eliminates nutrients such as lignans that do not exist in white, processed flour. While white flour is enriched with vitamins and minerals, it is devoid of lignans.

Fountain of Life replaces these lost lignans in the foods that no longer contain them. The benefits are numerous, as it helps protects against issues caused by overexposure to wifi, smoke, pollution and pesticides.

Lignans in our diet are an important component to our well-being may now be augmented with Fountain of Life, a simple, powerful food source.

NPN# 80084596
Ive used many products over my years, but never have had such amazing results! I love Fountain of Life!
Hot flashes... Gone, energy, thru the roof! Thank you Opulence :)
I have used the product and realized renewed levels of high energy which I need for the classroom on a daily basis and for home chores. Some of my pain is also gone and my face has gotten clearer from the high levels of stress that discolored it. Along with some doctor’s medication which was working slowly for me, Fountain of Life returned me to the classroom after my prolonged medical leave. I am fortunate to have gotten this product. Thank you so much opulence!
Just a month ago I use to wake up with body pain, no energy, I would just thing it is old age, but since I started using FOL just four weeks not I saw a drastic change in my body. No more body pain, full of energy and I am now experiencing sexual feelings that I thought was lost do to my age. Oh no! the feelings is back and I am doing things that I was not able to do last month I climb trees, scale walls, lift heavy things and I still feel good. Good is an understatement, I feel supper fantastic. Thank you Opulence for FOL (Fountain Of Life) which I want to call the DIAMOND WELL TO GOOD LIVING, but I will stick to FOL.
The product has helped my family and I so much with my issues related to my inflammation.
I don’t know if I can leave without Fountain of life anymore 🙏The best ever Antioxidant to protect and preserve our Health 👍👍👍
I suffered with severe lower back pains for years. I visit the chiropractor regularly, I got some relief but the pain always came back. The thing that i love doing like walking I still did but it was not enjoyable the pain was always there. I started using Fountain Of Life in February 2018 and in two months of taking Fountain Of Life consistently I have no more back pains. My quality of life has changed for the better. Thank you to Opulence Global for this life changing product.
This is the best thing in my opinion that has happened to health for human beings and this is why myself and my entire family are on this. From my hair to my skin to my skin to my energy to my PH to my sex drive, everything in my body is shifting for the better because I am taking my drops daily. I both drink and use on my skin, to brush my teeth, my hair and even as my deodorant. I LOVE MY FOUNTAIN OF LIFE!!!!!
I used this product and my skin is glowing, I look as young as ever. The joint pains I had are gone. My family and friends are getting great results from this product and they love it. Thank you.
This is a "Godsend" product. I’ve taken antioxidants in the past but nothing compares to "FOL". I’ve been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in the neck, chronic low back pain, migraines, musculoskeletal injuries in both elbows, both wrists, left shoulder and the list goes on. Now all of those are gone. Thank you Fountain Of Life. I never leave home without it.
This product has changed my life completely. I used to suffer with knee pains, and being sluggish especially when that time of the month comes, but now this is no more and it is all because of the most powerful antioxidant fol. Thanks to Opulence for creating such an amazing product.
The texture of my hair- thumbs up and the psoriasis on m scalp- gone!!!. I love Fountain of Life
I was having back pain since I was just 10 years old and ever since it was growing to the level that I cold not stand up for more than 5 minutes.

I went though several medical attention including Chinese therapy (acupuncture) nothing helped me out. I was considering to travel abroad to seek further medical attention.

I luckily started using Fountain of Live (10 drops morning and 10 drops evening) and the pain went away within the first 4 days

Thanks Opulence for this invention.
Superb product! Effective and affordable supported by many amazing testimonies i had personally witness
This is a fantastic product, it has changed my life for the better. As a sufferer of the genetic disease of sickle cell anaemia I used to have a lot of body pains especially in the joints it would take me a long time to get going in the morning, I would be useless until about 11 a.m. but now I could get going almost immediately after rising.
This is the most amazing product I have encountered. It relieved my arthritis, my backpains, heal my wounds, I sleep better, my energy level is boosted and I feel great every day.
I found this product works so
well when getting canker sores and cuts. Its like you can see the cut close up before your eyes. The canker sore is gone quick and fast.
This product has helped me and y health in so many ways .This is my trusted health companion.
I love the FOL and use it on a daily basis as it gives me better energy, has improved my skin, hair and nails. I also call it my "911" kit for any cuts or wounds around the home. Thank you FOL for protecting my health. :)
I have been using Fountain of life for the past 3 months, my energy levels have improved, my skin looks so much clearer, I have improved mental health. It’s a fantastic product.
I have used it directly on my face and scalp-it’s anti oxidizing properties are obvious from the first application. it is a GREAT product!!
This natural health product is like no other.
It helps with energy , sleep, pain, and so much more.
If you have tried the rest, now try the best.
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