FERI Flawless MicroSilver Protection Toothpaste

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Product Details

-Microsilver Protection Toothpaste is
• Fluoride free
• Paraben free
• Sulfate free
• Bad breath prevention
• Teeth whitening
• Long lasting protection

Silver has been used in a number of products, from the early days to storing water to modern medicine and implant technology. It is a safe, clean material that improves our well-being.

MicroSilver is micronized silver particles that cannot be absorbed by the body. It can be deposited on the skin or mucosal tissue where it can cleanse the bacteria away from these areas over time.

As moisture releases the silver ions, it eliminates the microbes that can lead to bad breath.

In toothpaste, it calms the gums, freshens our breath that lasts for hours while improving the appearance of our teeth.

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