FOL - 90 Day Couples Program

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Specifically developed for women and men, this formulation captures the power of the Picea Abies extract from the Norwegian Spruce with its incredible antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Lignans are proving to offer incredible benefits to our health as it improves our chances for a healthier cardiovascular system, increase our levels of protection against cancer, and diabetes.

The extract from the Norwegian Spruce has proven to be effective against many pathogens to allow a safe, natural preservative in formulations.

Lignans have shown anti-inflammatory properties that can impact arthritis and chronic inflammatory conditions that lead to cardiovascular issues.

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5 out of 5
Truly an amazing product! I have been using FOL for 3 months and what a difference it has made! I highly recommend this for anybody wanting to feel better!
Tony Trimontini
5 out of 5
I am impressed, all family is using the product, we have realized after the first month our body changes
Julia Mcdrew
5 out of 5
OMG, I got a stomach surgery 2 months ago, after using Fountain of Life I feel how fast my stomach has recovered. I totally recommend this product.

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