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Unique Timing

A brand new opportunity with a 12-year success track record

Opulence Global is an industry recognized company with all the opportunities of a startup. Opulence Global is a complete rebrand of a highly successful 12 year international company open for business in over 200 countries.

Launched in February 2018, Opulence Global represents the ground floor opportunity every entrepreneur seeks with brand new, award winning products, industry leading compensation plan, a culture of support and success and professional training that eliminates all the risks that accompanies every upstart company.

Cutting edge product lines

Cutting edge product lines that meets all your day-to-day needs

Opulence Global is the only innovative company that designs and manufactures all the products that matters to your life for optimum health, optimum beauty and optimum lifestyle. According to DSA, 97% of companies who offer work from home business opportunities sell products in the health and beauty sectors only. Opulence Global professional grade health & beauty products are evidence based and clinically proven to be the most effective on the human body internally and topically.

However, what completely separates Opulence Global opportunity from the rest, is our award winning, world-renowned designer fashion house FERI where you will have exclusive access to the world's finest fashion and accessories at the preferred shop pricing. Opulence Global online shop will completely eliminate the need of going mall to mall for any of your shopping and gifting needs.

Compensation Plan

Industry's first true INFINITY compensation plan created by The Forensic Networker Ramin Mesgarlou

Widely recognized and awarded as industry's #1 Multi Level Marketing compensation plan expert for the past three decades, Ramin Mesgarlou kept his best work for Opulence Global Rewards & leadership plan. While the industry normal practices places compensation plan restrictions on payout that only pays on sales generated on "pay leg" (smallest team) or includes level cut offs that only pays on a portion of total sales generated, Opulence Global offers a brand new INFINITY compensation plan that pays on BOTH binary teams and on the entire organization and on all the product sales. Furthermore, Opulence Global compensation plan does not include "cycle overage" and "CV flushing" that is very customary in other companies that can reduce income significantly.

OPULENT lifestyle

An opportunity focused on providing an OPULENT lifestyle to all

It takes time to reap the rewards of a successful business in any opportunity but in Opulence Global we provide an opulent lifestyle to all our partners from day one. The journey to an opulent lifestyle starts right from the initial launch package, which includes shopping credits, and bonuses (SC) you can use immediately to purchase the red carpet, sizzling fashion accessories you always dreamed about. Opulence Global Rewards and Leadership program offers a dream lifestyle truly worthy of the word Opulent.

See full details of Opulence Rewards & Leadership program.

International opportunity

We live in multicultural society with diverse cultural backgrounds

The business opportunity we engage in should embrace our diversity and reflect the potential markets at our disposal.

Most companies today offer very limited opportunities as they only operate in one or a few countries. One of the key advantages of Opulence Global is the ability to sell products in over 200 countries from the day you launch your shop. This geographical advantage is vital if you seek high-level incomes from your business as the progressively growing markets are spread across all continents. We reach all countries and cultures. There are no borders to opportunity at Opulence Global.

Company with credibility

Third party credibility is key when you first launch your own stay at home business

It lends much credibility to the products and the opportunity you are offering to your potential clients and partners.

There has never before been a direct sales company with so many accolades and recognition from third party business and trade media. With hundreds of celebrity and dignitary clients and scores of awards to highlight, promoting your business will be fun and an event you will proudly look forward to with every potential client.

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